Back in November, I sent my friend Acecily a text asking her if she might be interested in starting a blog with me. I had a long pitch ready. However, before I could type it, she said yes. We’ve always wanted to collaborate on a project, but never really sat down to seriously discuss. Well this is different. After some productive (and some random, unhelpful) brainstorming sessions, The Palmetto Peaches was created. #PalmsinATL

Palmetto Peaches - #PalmsinATL

We’re launching our blog on Friday, February 13. The blog will be a medium for us to express our creativity and give an opportunity to work on a passion project (outside of our day jobs).  Expect fun Atlanta adventures, Pinterest fails, giveaways and my perfectly mischievous puppy will make some guest appearances.  Head over to PalmsinATL.com to sign up to be notified of our launch or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m really excited about this opportunity to express my creativity. I have videos to edit and posts to draft. Until next time, dolls and gents.


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