Reading My Way Through 2016

Reading My Way Through 2016
My 2016 Erin Condren planner arrived in the mail two weeks ago. I’m not a huge New Year resolution girl, but in the spirit of my vision board, I am trying to set some realistic goals for the year.  One of them includes finding more time to read. I love reading, but far too often I find myself searching for a good book and end up aborting the mission. To remedy this, I’m joining the 2016 Paper & Glam Book Club  and adding a second book to my list each month of my choosing.
2016 Reading List -
It’s like joining a gym (which I should probably also consider joining in 2016) and having a workout partner. The membership itself should be motivation enough to get your workouts in, but sometimes you need someone that will hold you accountable to go to that spin or PureBarre class. So the lovely ladies of the Paper and Glam Book Club will keep me on schedule of exploring new and interesting literature.

2016 Reading List

The Paper and Glam book is listed first and my choice is second.

Do you have any other suggestions for my 2016 reading list? What’s on your list? Feel free to leave a comment or tweet me @donnicakelsey.

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