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Alpha Phi Omega - donnicakelsey.comMany of you may know that I’m a member of Alpha Phi Omega, the largest collegiate fraternity in the United States. Yes, I said fraternity. My amazing organization is a co-ed community service based fraternity that.  APO provides it members the chance to develop leadership skills through service projects on their campus, in their community and across the nation.
I pledged my junior year of college at the University of South Carolina (Iota Mu chapter). I was also lucky enough to be involved during graduate school at Florida State University (Iota Rho chapter). Alpha Phi Omega is one of those things I could never shake and I never want to. It becomes a part of you and I am still involved as an alumni volunteer.

I recently presented a workshop on utilizing public relations to brand chapters and increase awareness of the amazing things each chapter is doing at an Alpha Phi Omega sectional conference in Clemson, SC. I wanted to share that presentation here because I think other organizations could benefit from the information as well.

Alpha Phi Omega Section 76/77 Sectionals 2015: Public Relations



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